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Southampton Provenance Activity


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Southampton Provenance Infrastructure

The Southampton Provenance Infrastructure is a collection of software, references, and links that allow developers to make their applications provenance-aware. Once an application has been made provenance-aware, the infrastructure allows users to query, analyze and determine the provenance of data generated by the application.


  • PReServ A specialised storage web service for process documentation that facilates the querying of provenance.

  • Provenance Client Side Library A collection of functions that allows application developers to provide provenance recording and querying functionality to application components.

  • Grimoires Hosts descriptions of services and workflows, which a scientist can use for forming complex scientific experiments

  • SimpleDom, DomMap, LaxQuery A set of tools comprising a mapping technology which exposes arbitrary data sources containing potentially large data as queryable XML.

  • PreView A set of visualisation tools for investigating provenance.

  • Validation Engine A component that evaluates past processes from documentation of their execution using semantic descriptions of services and data.


  • PrIMe A methodology that tells application developers how to make their applications provenance-aware.
  • The Provenance Open Specification A set of precise specifications that the infrastructure implements.
  • Architecture Tutorial A tutorial to understand the specifications and ideas behind the software.


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The infrastructure is a product of the following projects:

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